My Daily Product Faves

Laurie's must-have products

by Laurie LaFave, LPN

It’s just another day.  Stumble to the coffee maker and hope that lifts the morning fog.  Then back to the bathroom where ”project rule the day” begins!


In order to keep my skin healthy and glowing, my routine begins with a nice warm washcloth and some PCA Daily Exfoliant, which leaves my face feeling soft and smooth, and very naked.  I’ve got to fix that quick!

Correct and Protect

I begin with a little DEJ Eye Cream, applied to upper and lower lids.  A tad of Obagi 20% Professional-C Serum, or liquid gold as I call it, to my entire face.  The feel of my skin is amazing, and I know I’m using the best antioxidant I can.  I spread a smidge down my neck, wait a few minutes, and then apply my Nectifirm lotion from my chin to my neck and into the décolletage. Most importantly is PCA Hydrator Plus SPF 30 – my shield against the sun! 


Onto the next step. My light lashes are ready for some Grande Lash Fanatic applied to both the upper and lower lashes. Like magic my lashes appear, and they look dark, thick, and lifted. I see some dark circles, I almost forgot my Jane Iredale Circle\Delete concealer!  I apply a small amount with a smooth makeup brush – much better. Last but not least, I apply a generous amount of Jane Iredale Hyaluronic Lip Gloss (in Summer Peach). Did I mention that this is my LaFavorite product of all? Those who know me, know I can’t live without it!

I’m not sure what the day will bring, but whatever it is, I feel ready to rule the day!

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