My Acne Journey | From Blemished to Blushing

-by Chloe Foster, Spa Coordinator

Acne has been a struggle of mine since my teen years. In my early adulthood, my acne had completely cleared. However, with the pandemic and the constant mask-wearing, the breakouts returned. Acne affects many things, but most importantly, my confidence. So, here’s a look into my acne journey and how I keep my breakouts under control with the proper skincare and products.

Ready for Clear Skin

When I first came to Q Med Spa, I knew instantly that I needed expert advice as YouTube and TikTok were not cutting it. My first step was meeting with our estheticians to find a skin care routine that would help my specific skin, but that was also manageable. Realistically, nobody has hours to spend on their skincare routine each day.

Skin Analysis

During the skin analysis, I learned that how I was treating my skin was part of the reason why I was having all of these breakouts. Sometimes, you need more than just a good facewash. I learned it was time to ditch the makeup wipes and wash my face both morning and night with a gentle cleanser, as opposed to the once in the morning routine I had prior.

Skincare Products

I then added products suggested by our estheticians to support and strengthen my skin barrier and enhance the results of my skincare routine. In the morning, I wash my face, apply PCA Smoothing Toner, Revision Intellishade (my personal favorite – who doesn’t love a tinted moisturizer?), and any makeup I feel like wearing that day. At night, after washing my face with a gentle cleanser, I add the PCA Smoothing Toner, Epionce Lytic (a true godsend), and my GrandeLASH Serum which are my go-to’s.

I have always been a HUGE makeup fan; I love to play with the different colors and shades. However, what I didn’t realize was that wearing a heavy set of makeup was also contributing to my breakouts and pore congestion. I needed to let my skin breathe.

Medical-Grade Peels

Even though taking better care of my skin helped, it wasn’t the end of my acne. That’s when I started to see Mallory, one of our licensed estheticians, who began treating my skin with customized treatments to help with my acne. She chose chemical peels that would help with cell turnover, balancing oils, and cleaning out impacted pores. These treatments have really contributed to a new healthy glow to my skin.

Between the consistent at-home skincare and chemical peels, within a month, my skin was already clearing up. When my skin started to clear, my confidence was restored. Feeling comfortable in my own skin is now a regular thing!

Before and 4 months later
Before and 4 months later

Making Clear Skin Last

The most crucial part is consistency. If you’re not consistent with your skincare or your treatments, it’s like forgetting your coffee at home – it sets everything off. Thankfully, our estheticians here at Q the Medical Spa are always here to get my skin back on track, and they can help you too!

To learn more about skincare options and to schedule a personal VISIA Complexion Analysis, call 585.244.1010.

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