Genius RF Microneedling

Q the Medical Spa offers Genius RF Microneedling treatments in Rochester, NY, the only high intensity precision radiofrequency device, for women and men who want to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, sagging skin and overall aging with minimal downtime.

Candidates for Genius RF Microneedling Treatments

This procedure may safely be used on the face and body to treat a variety of skin concerns, which include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scars and acne scarring
  • Sagging skin
  • Overall aging
  • Face and neck rejuvenation

How It Works

Genius delivers radiofrequency energy through gold-plated needles, which heats the tissue and stimulates collagen and elastin production. The energy is delivered precisely for each client and each treatment, and because it is delivered into the deeper layers of the dermis, it bypasses the basal layer, greatly reducing the risk for hyperpigmentation. With built-in monitoring, the system continually assesses the quality of the skin during treatment to ensure maximum results.

The length and number of treatments needed will be determined by your provider according to your specific needs.

What to Expect

Upon arrival for your first treatment, photos and a consent for treatment will be completed. Your skin will be prepped with a thin lay of numbing cream, which will be applied and left on for 30-60 minutes. Your provider will customize settings on the device to treat your specific skin conditions.

Treatments may take 60-90 minutes to complete, depending on the size and area being treated. The treatment is tolerable, though some heat and pressure will be felt. Your provider will work with you to ensure maximum comfort. After your treatment is completed, soothing lotion will be applied to the skin. Your skin will look like it has a mild sunburn.

Recovery After Genius RF Microneedling Treatments

Immediately following treatment, patients can expect redness or swelling, which will usually diminish after 24-36 hours, but can take up to a week to completely resolve. Most clients are able to return to their normal activities within 48 hours. Recovery time is short and relatively comfortable. It is important to avoid sun exposure before and after treatments; wear a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Once the skin is completely healed, be sure to wear SPF 15 or higher every day for long-term protection.

Genius RF Microneedling Results

Clients can expect to see changes within a day or two after the procedure, however it takes time for the body to produce collagen, which it will continue to build for several weeks. Results appear gradually over time, with improvement shown over six months following the procedure. Results are long-lasting as your own body is at work, and can be maintained for years with proper maintenance and the right skincare regimen. A minimum of three treatments may be required for optimal results.

Getting Started

To learn more about Genius and the other ways we can renew your skin, request an appointment using our online form or call (585)244-1010.

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