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Our favorite summer product - image of Intellishade

-by Mallory Leach, Licensed Esthetician

In the summer months, my two skin concerns are hyperpigmentation and dryness as sun exposure triggers pigment and dehydrates my skin. Because these conditions can be a constant battle, I like to use products that both protect and correct my skin. It’s essential to use a product that has ingredients that keep my skin barrier protected from UVA/UVB radiation but that also repairs damage that has already been done. My go-to to achieve this is a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. 

Revision Skincare Intellishade® Original SPF 45 is an absolute must. It’s a multi-purpose sunscreen and moisturizer all in one. Intellishade® has a blend of ingredients that are formulated to enhance the skin and encourage overall skin health.

Some reasons why I love it:

  • The sheer mineral tint helps to conceal blemishes for a more youthful appearance and can act as a foundation replacement
  • It improves visible signs of aging
  • It helps repair and maintain the moisture barrier
  • It contains antioxidants like Vitamin C to keep skin protected against environmental stressors and leave skin tone brighter and more even

Another reason why I love a tinted sunscreen is because it contains iron oxides which, besides giving it its color, provide extra protection against visible blue light, known to cause hyperpigmentation/melasma. Intellishade® lets me enjoy the summer while also helping to keep my skin youthful, hydrated, and protected.

For more information on Intellishade®, as well as other products available, visit our online store or call 585.244.1010.

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