Reasons To Do Lip Filler | Not Just For Big Lips

-by Nikki Barone, RN, BSN, LE

When patients think of lip filler, they instantly think of full, unnatural lip augmentations, or volume to the lips to change the overall look and size.  But there are many reasons to do lip fillers aside from full, large lips!  Read more as I weigh in on some of my favorite ways to enhance this area!


We can provide a more hydrated appearance by smoothing out small wrinkle lines caused by skin laxity in the lips.  This will create a smooth and more hydrated look.

Volume Loss with Age

As we age, we lose volume, the upper lip tends to curl under, and many patients comment that they no longer have a top lip.  By adding a small amount of filler to the pillows of the upper and lower lips, we are able to give patients their own youthful lip back without over-augmenting.

Vertical Lip Lines

With the natural aging process, our lips lose volume and curl in or under.  Many patients, even if they do not smoke or drink through straws (many patients think this is the only cause for these lines), will develop vertical lip lines that form above and even below the lips.  Softening of these vertical lip lines can easily be achieved with a small amount of filler.

VB and Lip Definition

Our VB (Vermilion Border) is a thin canal that surrounds and defines the outer edges of our lips (think of the area that you would apply lip liner).  Loss of definition of our lips can be corrected by using a small amount of filler to this canal.  This not only defines the lips, giving a more prominent shape, but also corrects the concern many patients have with makeup that “feathers” or “bleeds” outside their lips.

Oral Commissures

I love this treatment!  I always say, “I turn your frown upside down!”  Your oral commissures are the corners of the lips where your upper and lower lip meet.  As we age, volume loss, skin laxity, and our good old friend gravity, turn the oral commissures down.  That downward turn can make it look as though you are frowning.  By using filler to this area, we are able to gently neutralize and correct that downward pull.

Enhancing Cupids Bow

Treatment to the center of the lips in small amounts can enhance the cupids bow and give a soft, pouty look while still maintaining the patient’s natural shape.

Creating a Philtrum

The philtrum is the two columns above the cupids bow, below the nose.  Some patients may not have philtrum columns, and at the practitioner’s discretion this can be something to create if it is right for that patients face frame.

Whatever look you are trying to accomplish with lip filler, our providers have the experience and expertise to help you achieve the lips you desire! Call 585.244.1010 to schedule a consultation!

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