Give Your Lashes Some Love!

Close up of eyes with long eyelashes

-by Geena Lawatsch, RN, BSN

With skincare and hair products at the top of our beauty wish lists, have you considered giving your eyelashes the TLC they deserve? Your lashes are not only there for aesthetics and drama, they play a vital role in the health of your eyes. They are one of the front lines of defense! It is important to keep them healthy, clean, and lush so that they do their best job at catching those pesky particles in the air. Here are my 5 Commandments of Lash Beauty to follow, and if you do, soon everyone will be asking you if your lashes are real!

#1: Avoid Repetitive Extensions and Lifts

Although they look fabulous, false lashes or lash extensions, if applied improperly, can cause damage and cause your lashes to fall out. This is especially the case if you are constantly having them redone. Harsh glues can rip out the eyelash or cause irritation to the eyelid, which can hinder lashes from growing back in. If you are considering having this treatment done, it would be wise to request latex and formaldehyde-free adhesive as well as an experienced professional.

#2: Try a Nourishing, Reputable Lash Serum

Many of us are familiar with LATISSE®, which is available by prescription at our Med Spa! There are non-prescription lash serums to consider that are also very effective. With any lash serum, it is best to use it every day for 3 months to truly judge the results of the product. This allows each stage of the hair cycle to complete its course and absorb the serum.

My personal favorite serum is Grande Lash. Not only is this serum great for ramping up the length of your lashes, there are several vitamins, peptides and amino acids to promote thicker (and most importantly healthier) lashes.

#3: Use Your Eyelash Curler First

Lash curlers are a game-changer for those that have lashes as straight as an arrow (myself included). A good lash curler will do the job of lifting at the base without crimping or breaking the lashes. Gentle pulses for a few seconds at the base, and even mid lash can help shape that curl. This makes the lash look like a natural “U” shape vs a “V”. It is very important to do this step prior to applying mascara because once the product is dry, you are risking breakage and crimpy-looking lashes.

Not only will this tool be your best friend, it’ll help your luxury mascara do its job even better.

#4: The Right Mascara Can Make or Break Your Lashes!

First of all, please switch out your mascara once that 3-month mark comes around. I know what you’re thinking, “That $30 mascara is good ‘til the last drop!” Cosmetic products may have a longer shelf life when opened, but mascara is going to be the first to go. Bacteria breeds quickly and the product can dry out with each pump that you make with the wand (pumping is a no-no, too).

Now, on to quality mascaras. Some drug-store brands can be great but depending on the formula of the product, your lashes can feel hard and brittle after swiping it on. High-quality mascaras will leave your lashes feeling a bit more flexible and softer, and are a more nourishing product. Grande Lash offers lovely mascaras and even lash conditioners that contain the same peptides and vitamins as the serum!

#5: Take Your Mascara Off with Care

We have all been there at least once in our lives -waking up in the morning to black smudges on the pillow case. If there is anything you should do before bed, of course brush your teeth, then make sure every drop of makeup is taken off. This is especially important when mascara is on because the friction and movement against the pillow can pull and break your lashes.

Secondly, use a gentle eye makeup remover. Your eyelid skin is thinner and much more sensitive than the rest of your face. Use a product that really “melts” the mascara down so that the scrubbing can stop for good!

Following these steps has certainly helped my lashes be as long and healthy as possible without having to spend the time and money on extensions. Accentuate your natural beauty and flaunt it!

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