Are your hands making you look older?

Woman in lab coat applying Revision Lumiquin anti-aging lotion to hand

-By Nurse Practitioner, Julie A. Chatt

Due to COVID-19, we are all washing our hands and using hand sanitizers to eliminate germs with an increased frequency. However, these practices strip the natural protective oils in your skin causing it to dry out. Your hands end up looking red, chapped, and yes…older.

Here are some simple DIY tips that will help your hands look and feel their best!

  • After washing your hands, gently pat dry (rubbing can cause skin irritation). While still slightly damp, add a hand cream to seal in moisture.
  • Moisturize throughout the day with your hand cream (heavier and richer than lotions).
  • Use your own personal tube of hand cream to avoid spreading germs with others.
  • Wear gloves when doing any household cleaning or handling any harsh cleaning supplies.
  • Wear SPF 15 to 30 every day when outside.
  • Use flattering nail polish which will draw attention away from age spots or veins.
  • Exfoliate once a week to get rid of dead skin cells that can keep treatments from sinking in.

For a DIY exfoliator, mix a teaspoon of sugar combined with a hydrating oil, such as coconut oil, then gently rub over hands and rinse off.

  • One of the best secrets that all nurses know, is to apply Vaseline to hands and cover with cotton gloves/or clean cotton socks just before going to bed. In the morning, your hands will look and feel so much better!

To address our anti-aging concerns beyond moisturizing and protecting, there is Lumiquin®

Packed with powerful age-defying ingredients and antioxidants, this nighttime formula brightens skin and minimizes the appearance of imperfections while enhancing the skin’s moisture, so hands look and feel more youthful. Used at night just before bed, the product stays on and works for you all night!

  • Brightens the skin and minimizes the appearance of imperfections (age spots)
  • Enhances skin’s moisture level so hands look smoother
  • Supports skin’s natural moisture barrier
Before and after of patient's hands after anti-age spot treatment in Rochester, NY

Before and After | 10 weeks of use once daily in P.M.

This is our number one treatment for anti-aging hand care. Call 585.244.1010 and a Spa Coordinator will place your order and mail the product to your home.

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