A Warning About the Use of Needle-Free Devices for Injecting Dermal Fillers

-by Tori Grasta, RN

The Hyaluron pen device is a very dangerous trend that has gained traction over the last couple of years, and it is often advertised by non-medical professionals. It is commonly offered at places like lash salons, hair salons, and even people’s houses, with a majority of sales also occurring online. There are establishments in the Rochester community offering it as a safe procedure, however in our professional opinion, it is not. And the FDA does not think so either. Read a recent Safety Communication written by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for more information about their specific concerns.

What Is It?

The Hyaluron pen is a handheld device that forcefully pushes hyaluronic acid (HA) into the lips by the use of pressurized air. Because it is “needle-less,” it has become an attractive selling point to people, especially those that are marketed to be done at home. Some are advertised to cost as little as $150-$200, and therefore people are under the impression that they can get the same results as a lip filler injection for much less money and no needle. 

Close-up of lips with large, lumpy upper lip.
When not done by a licensed medical professional, lumpy, uneven, and unnatural results can occur.

Although this device costs less and is “less invasive,” this does not mean that it is safe. The forceful pressure going through the lips happens at such high speeds that the provider cannot control how much is being pushed, where exactly it will end up, and how far it spreads. In addition, the hyaluronic acid itself that is put into these devices is not necessarily Medical Grade HA. It is very easy for the provider, especially if they are unlicensed and inexperienced, to send the HA into the wrong area of the lips which can cause extreme lumpiness, unevenness, pain, blockages in the blood vessels, and even permanent skin necrosis. It also has been shown to cause bacterial and fungal infections. 

Hyaluron pens are relatively new and there is very little research about the long-term effects their use could have on your lips. Not only are they not regulated or supported by the FDA, they are completely prohibited in Canada and all European companies. 

Why Is Lip Filler Done By a Highly-Trained Medical Professional a Better Option? 

Using a high-quality needle to inject medical grade lip filler allows us to deliver the filler in very precise amounts to very specific parts of the lip. We can control how much is pushed in and exactly where it is going. Inflammation and bruising is normal but infections, occlusions, and necrosis are very rare. Your skilled medical provider will choose a filler that is right for you and will customize the treatment and amount to what is most aesthetically pleasing for your features. We numb the area first, clean the lips multiple times before injection, ice for better comfort, and slowly and meticulously inject with great care. The result: symmetrical, natural, but also voluminous lips that perfectly fit your face. After all, it’s the only face you have. Don’t take risky chances on it!

Juvederm filler to lips by Tori Grasta, RN injector

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