10 top tips for the use of lip gloss…written by a lip gloss addict

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Hi my name is Kelly, and I am a self-proclaimed lip gloss addict. I typically have 4 to 5 different colors and brands of lip gloss in my purse at all times. Yes, I do have my favorites, including Jane Iredale |Soft Peach & Iced Mocha, Grande | Dusty Taro & Dusty Rose, and Buxom | Clair (although for some reason the Buxom Lip Gloss makes my lips so numb it can be hard to enunciate words, so I don’t like to use it at work). Even with my plethora of lip gloss choices, I will only use Jane Iredale Nude Lip Liner. You may be wondering how to better incorporate a glossy lip to your daily routine. If so, read on for my top ten tips from years of gloss wearing experience:

  1. Always use a lip liner (experienced lip gloss users can line their lips with no mirror).
  2. Always use a lip gloss with a plumper (it gives your lips a little tingle and helps smooth out lines).
  3. Pick a color that makes you look young, such as light pinks and nudes.
  4. If your lips are small, try lining them and then use a lighter colored lip gloss. Dark colors will make your lips look smaller (just like how wearing black makes you look thinner).
  5. Don’t get sticky hair! Be sure to pull your hair back on a windy day when going outside so your hair won’t stick to your lips.
  6. Don’t eat or drink right after applying your lip gloss. The gloss will come off and leave unflattering lip marks on your glass and silverware.
  7. Always leave one or two of your favorite lip glosses in your car, so you can apply more when you’re on the move so your gloss is always fresh.
  8. If you apply your lip gloss and your lips stick together, throw it out. The gloss is old.
  9. Don’t apply your lip gloss outside of your lip boarder, you might look like you just drank Kool-Aid or were eating greasy fried chicken.
  10. To get the best results from a lip gloss/plumper, reapply several times a day!

I hope these tips will help you as you find the right lip gloss brand and shade to add to your daily routine. And if you still need further convincing about lip gloss use, a makeup artist once told me, “Honey, lip gloss makes a woman look sexy!”

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