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Permanent Makeup

Permanent MakeupPermanent cosmetic makeup is a specialized technique that is an advanced form of cosmetic tattooing. Often referred to as micropigmentation and dermal pigmentation, permanent makeup is a safe, non-surgical treatment used to enhance areas such as eyes, brows and lips. Anyone who is busy and is looking to streamline their beauty regimen will surely benefit from this procedure.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent cosmetics represent an investment in your appearance. People with unsteady hands, less than perfect vision or a demanding lifestyle need not struggle with the extra time and effort required to apply topical makeup. There are many reasons to consider permanent cosmetic services, but most importantly it restores color and definition to absent or sparse eyebrows, softly defines or dramatically accents eyes and enhances the color and shape of lips.

This treatment is considered permanent because color is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin and cannot be removed superficially. However, as with any tattoo, fading can occur and maintenance may be necessary. The quality and longevity of your treatment will depend on your technician, how deep the pigment was placed, the iron oxides used and how the patient takes care of his or her skin. When your face is radiantly fresh with permanent cosmetics, mirrors become an unnecessary accessory. Permanent cosmetics help achieve a finished appearance for timeless, effortless beauty.


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